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Stuttgart - a city in conflict

This website is intended as an information source to the international community about the project known as Stuttgart 21 (or S 21). Marketed as a "wonderful, modern advancement" it would replace the present main train station in Stuttgart (Germany) with an underground station and redirect the traffic through long tunnels. What it has brought till now is endless conflict in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg and its capital city Stuttgart. The German Railroad system (Deutsche Bahn or DB) with the backing of various politicians and property developers is trying to push this disastrous project through despite a long-running opposition from concerned citizens. We hope here to explain the reasons why so many people of all ages, professions, cultures and economic levels are struggling to stop Stuttgart 21.

protest in Stuttgart

In short, Stuttgart 21 is totally unneeded, very expensive and will actually reduce the capacity and effectiveness of one of Germany's most efficient stations. Due to the geological setting, it will create high risks to the infrastructure, environment and the nearby mineral springs. It is more dangerous and will create more barriers for handicapped people. The costs will divert from much more needed infrastructure projects in a time of great social need and sparse resources.

A much cheaper, more effective, less risky alternative known as Kopfbahnhof 21 (or K 21) would modernize the present station and has proven to be much better. Through the use of police repression and misuse of the judicial system, the DB and its marketing propagandists and political backers has tried to unfairly discredit K21 and its supporters. Here, we will set the record straight, giving credit where credit is due relying on objective, independent evaluations and information rather than the disinformation spread by the DB and most of the local media.

What are our objectives?

our vision, a modern terminus "Kopfbahnhof 21"
source: kopfbahnhof-21

This hideous project "Stuttgart 21" needs to be stopped. Instead we would like to build "Kopfbahnhof 21" with its modernization of the existing train station and selective upgrades to the neglected rails in the area. The trees could be preserved, the springs would be safe, and it would cost no more than 2,5 billion Euros and service capability would increase significantly. The money saved can be used for higher priority projects, improving the infrastructure and/or areas of social concern like education. We are not against progress or big projects. To the contrary, we want to use money in a sensible way to most effectively and ecologically improve our infrastructure and civil society. This is a workable and better alternative. We hope for your support.

Stuttgart - a city in conflict

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